Friday, July 4, 2014

What does it mean to be a Healthy Mama? Or Papa?

I highly encourage all of you to check out this article by the people at Whole 9/Whole 30:

That article really speaks to what this page is about. For me, a Healthy Mama or Papa understands self-care. Self-nurture. She usually chooses to go to bed rather than watch one more episode of The Good Wife. She builds quiet moments into her day to nourish her spirit. This can seem impossible with small children, but it is imperative. I know a number of families that have trained their children to have quiet time in the afternoon and I think that is a lovely idea. It does take some time and work though!

A Healthy Mama moves her body each day, and fuels that amazing creation with lots of fruits and veggies and quality protein. Building healthy relationships is a must for Healthy Mamas, you need time with other women for ultimate well-being. And cultivating your relationship with your spouse can not be stressed enough. Reducing stress, taking care of your emotional and mental health, are all imperative for health.

Finally, spiritual health. This is really number one. Using those quiet moments to meditate on the things of God, building relationship with your savior. Without Him, all else is pointless and void. Love him, and love yourself enough to take care of you so that you can take care of your family. 

What makes you a healthy you?