Sunday, June 29, 2014


Rest shouldn't be a four letter word. For some reason, we have made 'busy' an idol and rest has become a dirty word. I call bull on this! Rest is vital. The Whole 9 has rest as their second factor of health and wellness, right after good nourishment and before healthy movement. I know that as an introvert, quiet and rest time is vital for my mental well-being as well as my physical health.

In church this morning, our pastor spoke on rest. He told us that rest is vital not only for our physical, but also for our spiritual health. He spoke of Sabbath rest, and about creating moments of Sabbath rest in our every day. Spaces where we leave room for God in our lives. I can not express how that resonated with me. Quiet moments where I can just be. Be still with Him. And be still with myself. Room for God to speak to me. And for me to hear.

How do you find Rest?

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